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What a great time we had at Lingfest 2019, a very special one-day community event for Lingfield locals to enjoy with friends and family – a huge thank you to everyone who came and partied in the park with us!

Lingfest is taking a break in 2020; our Parish Council has had requests for funding elsewhere, free resources we currently share are being used by other local events on our usual date, and we have reduced manpower with some of the organising team unavailable for 2020. So, to take the pressure off, we’re taking the opportunity for a year out and we hope to return in 2021.

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Here are a few of the lovely messages we received about Lingfest 2019:

“Brilliant fun filled day with family & friends!” Susie
“A M A Z I N G – we are thrilled to sponsor such a fantastic community event.” Move Revolution
“Well done to everyone who works so hard to put this on. It was another fabulous day in lovely Lingfield.” Jill
“Amazing, thanks all involved … relaxed atmosphere, well planned site, 100% friendly staff and affordable ticket prices.” Matt
“What a great time we had! Brilliantly organised, well done to all involved.” Tracey
“I just wanted to extend my thanks and huge appreciation to all the Lingfest committee for allowing my participation in the festival this year. It was a brilliant day on all levels and the feedback I have heard with regards to the whole event, and the area that I ran, has all been extremely positive.” Lucy, Balance Fitness
“What another fantastic Lingfest – had a fantastic time on Saturday with my family.” Millie

Lingfest 2019 gallery

Lingfest 2019 crowd 60th birthday baloon ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 painting pottery at Doodledish ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 Boxercise instructor takes punches from child ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 queues for the pottery painting at Doodledish  ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 Groove Hoover Band on stage with green and yellow spotlights ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 Ladies sitting and waving in the crowd ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 Lady in summer dress holding toddler ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 three women and two men in a line arms around each others sholders doing slightly tipsy line dancing ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 children watching the elves and shomaker story being told ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 children sitting and watching the elves and shomaker story being told ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 children and adults watching the elves and shomaker story being told  ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 people in the silent disco with headsets on dancing ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 silent disco mum dancing with toddler in arms ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 a young girl and two young boys having a lovely time smiling ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 happy dad high fiving a friend with son on shoulders ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 The Gangsters band saxaphone player in red trilby hat playing ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 The Gangsters band on stage with crowd in front ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 The Gangsters Band on stage ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 Blunter Brothers band on stage at dusk with crowd dancing ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 crowd dancing bathed in red light from the stage ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 front of stage crowd bathed in light at dusk ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 Blunter Brothers singer at microphone against bright red background lighting ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 crowd watching the band on stage with the sun setting and red sky in Lingfield ©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 bright white light on the crowd from the stage©Brett Butler Lingfest 2019 Blunter Brothers on stage with red and blue lighting ©Brett Butler


Our fabulous Lingfest 2019 supporters

Without whom you would have been stuck in front of the telly

What better way to get behind our local community than by helping put on a fantastic summer festival.

By supporting Lingfest our sponsors and supporters have shown their dedication to the local spirit of Lingfield.

Thank you!

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